Zaviya 3 Books Set By Ashfaq Ahmed

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Zaviya 3 Books Set By Ashfaq Ahmed. The company was established in 1962 and is based situated in Lahore, Pakistan, Sang-e-meel Publications was established by Niaz Ahmad. The company is led by Afzaal Ahmad and Ali Kamran. This publishing company has put out a variety of books in Urdu and English with topics like fiction, travelogues, political as well as history and philosophy, psychology biographies, literary criticism, memoirs, and more. The company has also translated popular works into Urdu including Master & Margarita (Mikhail Bulgakov), The Golden Hawks of Genghis Khan (Rita Richie), The Red & the Black (Stendhal), and Sunlight on a Broken Column (Atia Hosain).

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The title of the book the series Zaviya 1, 2, and 3 refers to the scripted version of the 90 episodes in the novel. Ashfaq Ahmed is a great Urdu writer who has written a variety of beautiful and amazing writings. 1998 to February. 2004. There are approximately ninety episodes. In each episode, he spoke about various topics such as Philosophy, Piety, Knowledge, and Religion that became very popular with the general public.

Zaviya 3 Books Set By Ashfaq Ahmed

Zavia book pdf

The show Zaviya was broadcast on PTV beginning in the month of October 1998 through February 2004. There were around 90 episodes of this show.

Ashfaq Ahmed

In each episode the episodes, Ashfaq Ahmed would talk about various topics such as Philosophy and Science, Spirituality Religion, Society, and so on. Every episode was a mix of the house audience. The audience was required to be attentive to him for about twenty minutes, and then ask questions about the subject being discussed.

Zavia By Ashfaq Ahmad set of 3

The book series Zaviya 1, 2, and 3 is, truthfully said, the compiled form of those ninety shows from the Zawiya TV Program. It is possible to gain information about almost everything through these books as the author explains life’s complexities in a simple way.


You’ll be amazed by the author’s insights and real-life stories. In this book, you’ll get advice for almost everything you’re dealing with in your everyday life.

Zaviya 1,2,3 / زاویہ 1,2,3 by Ashfaq Ahmed ABC

The language used in the book is well-known and simple so it necessary to go through it repeatedly. In order to bring about positive changes within your own life and the lives of those around you, it is recommended to go through this book at least once.

Author Ashfaq Ahmed

Who isn’t familiar with the name Ashfaq Ahmed? Absolutely no one. He is a unique personality within Pakistani Urdu literature. Ashfaq Ahmed works as a playwright writer, writer, and television broadcaster. He has written a variety of Urdu novels. He has received numerous honors in his role as a playwright on Pakistani television. In the three countries of Pakistan, Italy, and Germany, Ashfaq Ahmed works as a broadcaster. Pride of Performance Award (1979), Sitara-e-Imtiaz Award.

Zaviya 3 Books Set PDF

  • Aik Mohabbat 100 Afsanay
  • Subhanay Fasanay
  • Gaddria
  • Aik Hi Boli
  • Talsim Hosh Afza
  • Safar e Meena
  • Khail Tamasha

This novel Zaviya, from all of his work, is the most powerful and inspiring work of Urdu literature.

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