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Rahat Jabeen, the writer of the book Zard Mausam Novel Pdf. It’s an amazingly romantic and socially-conscious story that has been telecast by Hum TV. The show received more viewers across Pakistan. The writer addressed a number of topics in this story. Rahat Jabeen is a renowned female storyteller from Urdu. Her writing experience includes has written several super hit books and novels. She also wrote popular TV dramas for private channels in Pakistan. People loved her Rahat Jabeen novels due to their distinctive writing style. I hope that you enjoy the novel Zard Mausam novel, and feel free to share it with your friends.

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Rahat Jabeen’s novel Zard Mausam is an edgy romance novel published in the form of a monthly digest. Rahat Jabeen is a seasoned writer with several noteworthy works to her credit. She writes about a broad variety of topics. Hum TV followed the author who turned her story Zard Mausam to create a television series for two seasons. She writes mostly in the genre of fiction and her work includes Sari Bhool Hamari Thi Zard Mausamand Safat Tamam Hua.

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Rahat Jabeen was the author of the novel Zard Mausam Novel Pdf. It’s a huge heartfelt and emotional story that was broadcast through Hum TV. It received more viewers across Pakistan. The writer discussed a variety of problems in the story.

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Rahat Jabeen is one of the main female story essayists from Urdu. As a writer, she wrote a variety of bestsellers and other books. She was able to think of several popular TV shows to be private directories in Pakistan. The viewers enjoyed the Rahat Jabeen novels for their exceptional writing style. I hope you read the book Zard Mausam novel and recommend it to your friends.

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On this website, you can download the Rahat Jabeen Novels in pdf format. It is possible to browse Sari Bhool Hamari Thi novel, Dehshat Zada Novel, and Guria Novel. If you’re interested in more, then you should visit our site to be informed regarding new content.

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The main plot is centered around a girl who is named Aiman. In her early years, she was a nerdy, argumentative, and big attention girl. Her family includes her mother, siblings, and sister. The family was doing well until her father moved out due to work. After her father’s departure, her stepmother begins to abuse her and make snide remarks. In this scenario, the tutor comes into her life who was hired to teach Aiman as well as her siblings. The tutor is aware that her stepmother is very strict. In this instance, the tutor is beginning to comprehend Aiman. The story continues in the same way and there are many opportunities and kinks.

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Rahat Jabeen is an acclaimed Urdu Fiction writer. She has written a variety of top-selling novels and books during the course of her career. She also wrote TV shows that were successful on Pakistan’s privately-owned channels. Rahat Jabeen’s work was a hit in the eyes of readers because of their distinctive style of writing. It is worth noting that the Booklist from Rahat Jabeen is listed below:

  • Sari Bhool Hamari Thi
  • Hum bhi kitne saada thay
  • Zard Mosam
  • Akir Lafaz Muhabbat
  • Safar tamam hua
  • Izet ya Muhabat
  • Badl Gya Manzar

Zard Mausam Novel PDF

In short, Zard Mausam is a narrative of our society that defines human emotions such as hate, love as well as self-centeredness, voracity, and love for one another. The book also sheds an eye on the pitfalls that arise as a result of forced marriages and broken relationships. If you enjoy studying Social or Idealistic Urdu novels, this is the perfect choice for you.


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