Zara Si Kotahi (Afsanay) By Razia Butt

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Zara Si Kotahi (Afsanay)

Nine (09) brief stories (fsny) within this collection feature different subjects and protagonists. A book called Zara Si Kotahi written by Razia Butt is an assortment that includes amazing romantic, social, and other stories about culture. Every story is unique and focuses on different subjects such as love and relationships. These stories’ writers spoke about a myriad of moral and social questions. The stories are titled in the following manner. Zara Si Kotahi (Afsanay).

Zara Si Kotahi Afsane By Razia Butt Pdf Download

  • Sabaq
  • Zara Si Kotahi
  • Haar Jeet
  • Raqabat
  • Jahaiz Ki Sooli
  • Zara Si Galti
  • Zahreela Khoon
  • Sunehri Khawab
  • Takheer
  • Nah Qabil-e-Yaqeen

The author tries to expose the role of women in our society by writing this book. She describes the customs, customs, and customs of the local community. After one reading the reader is compelled to go back and read it repeatedly. Razia Butt is a renowned novelist and storyteller from Urdu.

Zara Si Kotahi (Afsanay) By Razia Butt

Zara Si Kotahi (Afsanay) By Razia Butt PDF

If you’re a lover of Urdu short stories (fsny) This book is perfect for you. She wrote a number of great books, and people who read them will enjoy her Razia Butt novel. Razia Butt is a renowned novelist and storyteller from Urdu. Her fame was due to her romantic tales of awe, which were published and later adapted for drama.

Razia Butt Novels and Books list pdf download

In her lengthy publishing career, the author wrote many books and short stories. I hope that you enjoy taking a look at the novel Zara Si Kotahi PDF by Razia Butt and then sharing it with your family and friends. Furthermore certain of her novels were made into dramas and films to be broadcast on TV channels.

Zara Si Kotahi Afsane By Razia Butt Free Download PDF

On this site, you can read and download Razia Butt novels in PDF. Women are the first users of Razia Butt’s novel. You can take a look at Beena Novel, Noreen Novel along with Bisma’s Novel. You may also like the following books: Iqrar Ka Mausam by Rukhsana Nigar Adnan, and Yeh Dil Ke Mausam by Nighat Abdullah Kuch Aur Nahi by Bano Qudsia.

Book/Title Zara Si Kotahi (Afsanay)
Author/Writer Razia Butt
Pages 287
Category Novel
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