Yousuf bin Tashfeenn Novel By Naseem Hijazi

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Yousuf bin Tashfeenn Novel

Yousuf bin Tashfeenn Novel By Naseem Hijazi. Naseem Hijazi is the author of Yousaf Bin Tashfeen Novel pdf. The author of this book is regarded as to be one of the best novelists from Pakistan. The theme of the majority of his works was Muslim history. He wrote only a handful of novels, but every one of them is best-selling.

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Naseem Hijazi advocated patriotism and the idea of two nations through his writings. He frequently outlined the conspiracy theories and hostility from those who are Hindus towards Pakistan. He encouraged the youngsters to do their best to ensure the development of Pakistan.

Yousuf bin Tashfeenn Novel By Naseem Hijazi

Yousuf bin Tashfeen Novel Summary:

Well-known personality NASEEM HIJAZI is the writer of the Book “Yousaf-Bin-Tashfeen”. He is well-known for his brilliant writing such as historical fiction and novels. The majority of his works focused on the Muslim historical period. He’s written a few volumes but none of it is well-liked. This tale teaches us how we can improve our future more positive way.

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The author discusses the fall and rise of the Empire through his writing. The Muslims were apathetic once they came to power, after which they became dependent upon excessive power and never benefited from their prior. Through the course of this novel, the author describes a man whose name is Yousaf bin Tashfeen. This was during the time that all the Muslim ruling classes were dueling each other because of the intrigues of Alfonso (VI) and the coming of Andalusia was on the line. In such a situation the most powerful Mujahideen and academics from Andalusia needed the help of Yusuf bin Tashfeen, the Emir of Marabatin in Africa who bolstered the ship that was sinking in Andalusia and in turn sparked the time of Maratibin in Andalusia.

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The rise and decline of nations in Andalusia experiences is unlike anything else in the country ever. In one part of Andalusian history, we take satisfaction in watching Muslims rising but in another, we are afflicted to witness their decline. The Muslims were not perfect, but when they started driving they were a slave to luxury and did not gain from the previous.

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Yousaf Bin Tashfeen is mentioned in the middle areas of Andalusia’s series of events. This was the time when all Muslim rulers were fighting against each other because of the plans that were devised by Alfonso (VI) as well as the future of Andalusia was in doubt.

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In this situation, the main Mujahideen and scholars of Andalusia were looking for the assistance of Yusuf Receptacle Tashfeen an Emir from Marabatin in Africa who rescued the sinking of the boat of Andalusia and thus began an era in the history of Maratibin and Maratibin in Andalusia.

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Naseem Hijazi is an acclaimed author, reader, historian, and novelist of Urdu. He’s written more than 18 books, as well as numerous tales for Urdu digest. He also contributed to the latest ideas for novel scripts. It’s not wrong to say He was the pioneer of antiquity books. Naseem Hijazi is a gifted storyteller. Some of his most popular books are listed below: Gumshuda Qaafley Kaleesa Aur Aag and Andheri Raat Ke Musafir, along with many more. He also published books.

Book/Title Yousuf bin Tashfeen
Author/Writer Naseem Hijazi
Pages 480
Published Date January 1, 2014
Category Book
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