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Top 10 Novels of Nimra Ahmed

Novels by Nimra Ahmad Download for free or read online. Top Urdu novels by Nimra Ahmed that are must-read. Hello readers, today we will share the top 10 Hit Urdu novel by Nimra Ahmad. Read online Urdu novels, Romantic Books, Series, Urdu novels, Kaleem, short stories, social. Nimra Ahmed doesn’t require any introduction since we all know she has gained lots of popularity in a brief period of time due to her writing abilities. Find the complete list of Nimra Ahmed’s New Novel 2021 with a list of Urdu novels written by Nimra Ahmed in Pakistan. Top 10 Novels of Nimra Ahmed.

Who is Nimra Ahmad?

Nimra Ahmed is female young Pakistani writer and novelist. We know that Nimra Ahmed wrote many romance novel, love stories, historical novels, religious novels and more. Due to her writing abilities at 21, she gained a lot of popular among readers. In every novel written by Nimra Ahmed, you will discover morality since she will always wants to write about ethics, morals, and faith. The Young Novelist began with her career in writing at 16 years old. If you’re looking for the most popular novel written of Nimra Ahmed, then you are on the right track. Top 10 Novels of Nimra Ahmed. She has written many popular Urdu novels. Scroll down to see a the top 10 Urdu Novels written by Nimra Ahmed.

Top 10 Novels of Nimra Ahmed

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Jannat Kay Pattay Novel By Nimra Ahmed

Jannat Kay Pattay Urdu novel was commissioned by Pakistani novelist and digest writer as well as editor of magazines Nimra Ahmed. The novel writer Nimra Ahmad takes you on the streets in Istanbul and the mountain ranges of Cappadocia to the jails in India. It is a socio-romantic and a religious book that will touch the hearts of readers. The final chapter of Jannat kay Pattay by Nimra Ahmed is truly outstanding.

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A Free download Mushaf Urdu Novel written by Nimra Ahmed. It’s a morally-reformed and a spiritual novel that will touch the hearts of readers. The story of the Mushaf Urdu Novel Written by Nimra Ahmed Urdu novel is an epic fiction adventure and religious tale that is about a woman who is a follower and a reader of QURAN throughout her life and it helps her overcome the despair of her life. Mushaf Urdu novel was commissioned by Pakistani novelist, digest writer , and editor of magazines Nimra Ahmed.

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Pahari Ka Qaidi Novel by Nimra Ahmed

Novel Pahari ka Qaidi by Nimra Ahmed is short 35-page story. Pahari Ka Qaidi by Nimra Ahmed first appeared in Shu’haa Magazine and soon become readers’ favorite novel. The novel first appeared in the Monthly Shuhaa Digest in 2008. In response to a massive request from readers the novel was available in the format of PDF. After you have read Pahari Ka Qaidi by Nimra Ahmed, you’ll discover an under-appreciated morality within this novel. The story of this novel about a widowed teacher and his son who is disabled. If you’re looking for short stories, this novel is a good choice.

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Paras written by Nimra Ahmed is available to read online. is available. The plot of the novel about the character of PARAS who is living with her stepmother and her brother. If you’re looking for something elegant and romantic Then this novel is the one for you because this Urdu Novel is also a masterpiece by Nimra Ahmed, who writes like Jannat K. Pattay. Nimra Ahmed is an expert at touching the hearts of readers.

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Karakoram ka Taj Mahal is an Urdu-language novel written from Nimra Ahmed. The tale of Karakoram Ka Taj Mahal By Nimra Ahmed is so intriguing and thrilling. The novel is packed with mountains, sharp dialogues, and strong characters which make the entire novel an enjoyable reading experience. The author of the novel is motivated by an experienced mountain climber “TOMAS HUMAR” who came to this area with the intention of climbing the most dangerous and stunning mountains “Nanga Parbat” in the year 2005.

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Sans Sakin Thi Novel by Nimra Ahmed

Saans Sakin Thi an Urdu novel written by Nimra Ahmed. Sans Sakin Thi is the novel that opens the door towards Nimra Ahmed’s rise to becoming a successful novelist. It book is from Ahmed’s earlier works which reveals a lot about the PCB and the ways in which they work when it comes to player selection. The novel is filled with interesting details. you’ll discover a touch of cricket that has satisfied your desire to read.

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We all know that Beli Rajputan Ki Malika is one of the most acclaimed novels written by Nimra Ahmed. In the novel, writer describes a Rajput woman which lost her husband due to a car accident. The plot of this novel focused on the queen Maya Fernandas in the 1980’s. This novel is a story about those who are unhappy with their lives.

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Haalim Novel by Nimra Ahmed

Haalim is an Urdu novel written created by Nimra Ahmed. The Novel is available to readers to download for free and read on the internet. A novel of a unique style that won many hearts. Haalim is a novel written by Nimra Ahmed Urdu novel is an thrilling and socio-romantic story that is a bestsellers in the 20th century.Halim is among the novels that gained acclaim as one of Nimra Ahmed’s most romantic novels before it was published. Haalim by Nimra Ahmed was published in May 2017 by the ilm-o-irfan publishers.

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Mere Khawab Mere Jugnu Novel by Nimra Ahmed

Mere Khawab, Mere Jugnu Novel is the latest novel written by Nimra Ahmed. The story is of two women who are in love with the same person and how it turns into an epic. Nimra Ahmed is the author of numerous novels that are masterpieces like Beli Rajputan Ki Malika. This novel comprises 95 pages. The total its size is 23.05 MB.

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Read Online and download Iblees from Nimra Ahmed. Because the title is Iblees and everyone knows that iblees refers to the title given to Setan “Shaitan” and the plot of this novel tells the story about shaitan as well as his works. Download for free Urdu books written by Nimra Ahmed in PDF format to download and read for free. Download it now to enjoy this well-written morally based novel.

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