Tere Sang Dar Ki Talash Thi Novel By Bushra Rehman

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Tere Sang Dar Ki Talash Thi Novel By Bushra Rehman

Bushra Rehman is the author of Tere Sang e Dar Ki Talash Thi Novel in PDF. This is a sociological, romantic novel. The author outlines the problems of Pakistani middle-class people. They move abroad in search of an improved standard of living but had to overcome challenges in settling in the new country. The writer told the tale of a Pakistani girl living in Saudi Arabia.

Download Bushra Rehman’s Tere Sang Dar Ki Talash Thi Novel PDF

Bushra Rehman has been a legendary female writer. She is a columnist, poet as well as short story writer, and novelist. Thus, she wrote many novels and books which received recognition. Bushra Rehman portrayed our social issues as the focus of the stories. I hope you enjoy the novel Tere Sang e Dar Ki Talash Thi Novel Download and please share it with your friends.

Tere Sang Dar Ki Talash Thi Novel By Bushra Rehman

Overview of Book:

Tere sang Ek dar ki talash thi written by Bushra Rehman, is a popular social romance Urdu novel. It was released in an annual digest. The past year has seen Bushra Rehman become an extremely productive writer. She chooses to write about a variety of subjects to write about. She writes mostly fiction and has written delightful Urdu books like Parsa, Lagan, Bahisht, Chand se na khelo.

The storyline of Novel:

The Tere Sang dar Ki Talash The story of this novel revolves around a girl named Tasabiha. She is beautiful, well-educated, brave, and lovely. She is a loved daughter and an adored sister. Her father wishes for her to be married but she feels the necessity of arranging the wedding of her sister first. The father ultimately dies, leaving her in charge of this lady as well as her sisters. She chose to have her sisters’ wedding, and in the course of a visit to London, she slips into an unintentional trap with a chatty man called Madhoosh. Although he thinks he loves her, it wasn’t the case. She was not aware of it and was able to get married to him. He began to show his true self just a few months after their wedding. She suffers from depression due to his.

Tere sang e dar ki talash thi by Bushra Rehman Online Reading

Tere Sang Dar Ki Talash Thi (tyry SNG DR GHY Tlsh Thy) is a well-known social Urdu novel written by the evergreen female Urdu writer Bushra Rehman. It’s one of Bushra Rehman’s earliest novels that earned her recognition as a skilled Pakistani writer.

Tere Sang e Dar Ki Talash Thi By Bushra Rehman

Bushra Rehman, the writer of Tere Sand Dar Ki Talash Thi, a novel. The author’s name is well-known to Urdu readers since she has written numerous amazing and popular novels. She has a detailed look at human relationships and the mishaps that impact families’ love, misfortune, and love in her writings on various social and political subjects.

Tere Sang Dar Ki Talash Thi Romantic Urdu Novel Free PDF

Female characters in her books are believable and enthralling every day. On this website, you can read about her All Books and Novels.

Tere Sang Dar Ki Talash Thi Complete Novel By Bushra

The Tere Sang dar Ki Talash The story of the novel revolves around a young girl known as Tasabiha (tsbyHh). She is captivating, successful, and awe-inspiring. She is incredibly brave, charming, and. Her parents and sisters are devoted to her. Her father wants to marry her however, she’s keen to get her sister’s marriage in order first. The father has finally thrown in the towel and she is held accountable to her sisters and herself.

Tere Sang Dar Ki Talsh Thi Urdu Romantic Novel Free

The story continues to unfold with a major twist, then a dramatic turn occurs that takes the story to an entirely new dimension. We don’t want to woo you. To know more about Tasbiha’s accusations and her evils you must read the book.

About the author:

The novel was created by Bushra Rehman, who is a fantastic writer, scriptwriter, and novelist. She’s been doing a variety of amazing tasks in her career. We’ll be discussing her accomplishments and work in Urdu literature. She is a scribe of Urdu, Punjabi, Siraiki, and also English etymological. At present, the bulk of her efforts has not been disseminated as of yet. Bushra is also criticized as a politician and was the third time member of the assembly.

Tere Sang Dar Ki Talash Thi Novel PDF

Bushra Rahman also writes weekly columns for Pakistani Urdu newspapers. She believes in the ideals of Pakistan and assists this intellectual by writing. In addition, Bushra is an outstanding speaker and has spoken at numerous conferences. The main theme of the Bushra Rehman books is linked to social issues in Pakistani society. You are able to read Bushra Rehman’s novel on this website.

Book/Title Tere Sang Dar Ki Talash Thi
Author/Writer Bushra Rehman
Pages 150
Category Novel
Read Online


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