Taleel ul Quran By Mufti Kaleem Uddin Katki

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Taleel ul Quran

Taleel ul Quran By Mufti Kaleem Uddin Katki تعلیل القرآن

Taleel ul Quran. Since Mr. Mufti Mufti Kaleemuddin Salib also teaches the translation of Som Arabic, he felt that there was no book on the interpretations of Quranic words and phrases in Urdu, so he created the interpretations starting from Surah Q through Nas. This gap was filled.

تعلیل القرآن

This book is a great companion book for students of translation of Qur’an. You can download the book Talel ul Quran by Mufti Kaleem Umdin Katki in pdf format.

Book/Title Talel ul Quran
Author/Writer Mufti Kaleem Uddin Katki
Category Book
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