Takabbur Aek Wabal Hai By Maulana Ala ud Din Qasmi

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Takabbur Aek Wabal Hai

Takabbur Aek Wabal Hai By Maulana Ala ud Din Qasmi تکبر ایک وبال ھے

Arrogance is an act of rebellion against the natural world and against human nature. It’s an immoral boldness and a impure behavior that no one would want to be associated with. Takabbur Aek Wabal Hai, The main reason for arrogance is that sometimes people suffer from the consequences caused by arrogance due to the wealth of information.

تکبر ایک وبال ھے – از مولانا علاؤالدین قاسمی

Arrogance is among the most significant factors that lead to corrupting any community. A lack of confidence in any creature is, in the sense that one considers his own superiority and despises other people, and desires to be superior over others and is opposed to the concept of equality.

Book/Title Takabbor Aek Wabal Hai
Author/Writer Maulana Ala ud Din Qasmi
Category Book
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