Soulmate Novel by Areej Shah

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Soulmate Novel

Soulmate by Areej Shah is a romantic Urdu novel that explores the romantic journey of a couple. The novel has gained popularity on social media due to the author’s excellent writing skills. Soulmate is a story of love, social issues, and romance. It features some unique characters such as Hussain, his mother Zahra, his friend Rehan, and his father Rizwan. The novel is available for free download in PDF format and can also be read online. Areej Shah is a well-known writer who has gained recognition for her exceptional storytelling abilities.

Download Soulmate Novel by Areej Shah Pdf

The novel portrays the story of a family’s love for their son who was born eight years after his parents’ marriage. Areej Shah has written several Urdu stories that have garnered a large fan base eagerly waiting for her new novels. Soulmate is a romantic novel that can be downloaded and read in its entirety. Areej Shah’s stories are published in episodic format every month on various platforms, and are eventually released on her Facebook page.

Soulmate Novel

Soulmate Novel By Areej Shah PDF free

I understand your concern, and it is true that revealing all the details of the novel may spoil the reading experience for some people. Soulmate by Areej Shah is a well-known Urdu novel, and the author’s real name is Areej Talib Shah. For those who are interested, the novel can be downloaded for free in PDF format, providing an opportunity to read the complete story in full detail.

Biography of Areej Shah

Thank you for providing more information about Areej Shah. As you mentioned, she was born on December 12, 1999, in Dodial city of Azad Kashmir. Areej Shah is the youngest among her siblings and has written some incredible books that were published in episodic format, some of which are mentioned below. Areej Shah has also achieved high rankings for her Urdu stories. She is currently a student of M.A. History. Areej Shah is a young social media writer who gained popularity through her work on Facebook.

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Soulmate by Areej Shah is available for free download in PDF format, providing an opportunity for readers to enjoy this Urdu novel online. It is great to hear that Areej Shah is gaining popularity among the youth of Pakistan for her exceptional storytelling skills.

Soulmate By Areej Shah Complete Free Download in PDF

It is possible to download Areej Shah’s novel Soul mate for free in PDF format, along with other Urdu novels in different categories. Simply click on the Download button provided to access the novel and read it offline. This is a great opportunity to explore the world of Urdu literature and immerse oneself in a romantic and engaging story.

Book/Title Soulmate
Author/Writer Areej Shah
Pages 407
Category Novel
Read Online


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