Sans Sakin Thi By Nimra Ahmed

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Nimra Ahmad wrote Sans Sakin Thi Novel Pdf. It is a romantic and social tale that reveals the real reality of our modern society. It was the very first book written by Nimra Ahmad, and it earned the attention of the writer. The story first appeared in Pakeeza Digest Karachi and later in the form of a traditional newspaper. Sans Sakin Thi By Nimra Ahmed.

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Nimra Ahmad was a skilled female novelist and writer. She was a writer with a distinct style of writing and wrote several books that were hugely popular. One of her tales Namalput her to the highest heights of fame. I hope that you enjoy the novel Sans Sakin Thi novel and recommend it to your acquaintances.

Sans Sakin Thi By Nimra Ahmed

Overview of Novel:

Introduces Urdu novel Sans Sakin political and sociological Urdu novel that was translated by the famous writer Nimra Ahmed. The novel first was published in the Monthly Khawateen Digest – and described the path to the construction of Nimra Ahmed’s writing career.

Storyline Novel:

In this novel, the writer writes about two cricket lovers who love each other Amal as well as Riyaan. The novel focuses on the grieving person and the lengths they’ll use to plot revenge. The story also draws religious piety to an extent that it reveals the Pakistan Cricket Board’s corrupt practices and favoritism, as well as the player collection formula and legislation that is a backdoor.

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Sans Sakin Sans Sakin (sns skin Thy) is a sociopolitical Urdu novel written by famous women journalist Nimra Ahmed. The novel was previously published in the Monthly Khawateen Digest – and was crafted to help build Nimra Ahmed’s reputation as an author.

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Nemrah Ahmed, who is the writer of this novel, doesn’t require any kind of prologue for Urdu users. She has accomplished an impressive amount within a very short period of time. She has written several amazing Urdu books, including, Haalim, Namal, Mushaf, and always-green Jannat Kay Pattay. On this website, you will be able to read All Urdu Novels by Nimra Ahmed.

Sans sakin thi story

The story is based on two cricketers who are incredibly active Amal as well as Riyaan. It focuses on a person’s shock and the lengths that they’ll go to in pursuit of revenge.

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The incident also causes us to take note of awareness of the Pakistan cricket board’s corruption of the board, nepotism in the method of determining the player, as well as indirect access legislation issues.

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This isn’t the most excellent work by Nimra Ahmed due to the fact that it’s one of her prior compositions. The flaws in the characters and plot are evident. In any event, it is a good read, assuming that you’re enthusiastic about cricket.

Author Nimra Ahmed:

Nimra Ahmed is Nimra Ahmed is a Pakistani scriptwriter, author, and author. She has developed her talents in so many things in a very short period of time. Her most famous work is her plays and stories Shehr-e-Zaat Pir-e Kamil, Zindagi Gulzar Hai Alif, Durr-e-Shehwar, Daam Man-o-Salwa Digest Writer Maat And Hum Kahan the Ke Sachay Thay. Umera Ahmed is among the most read and well-known Urdu fiction novelists and scenario writers of our time.

Book/Title Sans Sakin Thi
Author/Writer Nimra Ahmed
Pages 242
Category Novel
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