Roshan Jugnoo Aur Jal Pariyan (Stories) By Aneeza Syed

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Roshan Jugnoo Aur Jal Pariyan

The collection Roshan Jugnoo Aur Jal Pariyan contains 9 short Urdu stories. Aneeza Syed, the writer for the novel Roshan Jugnoo Jal Pariyan PDF. Each storyline has its own story and number of characters. It’s a gorgeously romantic, social story which is first published in digest form, and then later in a book format at the request of readers. The main themes of the stories include sorrow, romance family conflict, the social inequality. The author spoke about a range of moral and social concerns.

Roshan Jugnoo Aur Jal Pariyan By Aneeza Syed Pdf

Below are the stories described in the book:

  • Chiragh Akhir-e-Shab
  • Tweet, Tweet, Tweet
  • Shikast Ki Awaz
  • Novel Roshan Jugnoo Jal Pariyan
  • Jo Umar Se Hm Ne Bhar Paya
  • Ishtabah-e-Khurd Nazar
  • Hisab Ziyan Jan

Roshan Jugnoo Aur Jal Pariyan Pdf Download

It’s hard to pick one story over the other because they’re all fantastic in different ways. Aneeza Syed is a well-known female novelist and top story-writer. If you like brief Urdu stories of social and romantic interests This book is for you. When she was writing she wrote some amazing stories that were well-loved by readers. Aneeza Syed is an acclaimed author and storyteller.

Roshan Jugnoo Aur Jal Pariyan (Stories) By Aneeza Syed

Tumse mil ke novel by aneeza Syed

She was critical of the evil social norms in her works. I hope you enjoy the novel Pdf written by Aneeza Syed. Please share it with your loved ones. In her time as a writer, she’s written some amazing storylines that are well appreciated by readers. If you’d like to see more, you can sign up on our site to receive news about new book posts. In her writings, she addressed the problems that plagued our society.

Dil Ishq novel by aneeza Syed

On this site, you can access the Aneeza Syed Novels in free pdf format. It is essential to read Aneeza Syed’s Novels. You can go through Mera Shauq Mera Intizar Dekh Novel Ihdinas Sirat al Mustaqeem, as well as Lapata Novel. There are also short story novels: Khayal e Yaar By Sumaira Hameed, Humsafar By Tahir Javed Mughal, and Ideal by Razia Butt.

Book Title Roshan Jugnoo Aur Jal Pariyan
Author/Writer Aneeza Syed
Pages 135
Category Novel
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