Rafa Yadain ki Haqeeqat By Maulana Abdul Sattar Sajid

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Rafa Yadain ki Haqeeqat

Rafa Yadain ki Haqeeqat By Maulana Abdul Sattar Sajid Qasmi رفع یدین کی حقیقت

In the time that Prophet Muhammad of Islam was praying, he would use to lift both hands over the shoulders or ear before saying Takbeer Tahreema. He would do this before bowing and then after bowing. Rafa Yadain ki Haqeeqat, He is often referred to as Rafa Al-Din. In Islam, it is Sunnah to perform Rifa-ul-Ideen during the moment that the Prayer is opened in the process of entering Ruku and when getting up from Ruku and getting up after having prayed two Raka’ats.

رفع یدین کی حقیقت

There are many hadiths were compiled through Imam Bukhari himself.) There are 7000 and some hadiths from Sahih Bukhari.

Book/Title Rafa Yadain ki Haqeqat
Author/Writer Maulana Abdul Sattar Sajid Qasmi
Category Book
Part 1 / جلد ایک
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