Peer e Kamil Novel By Umera Ahmed

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Peer e Kamil Novel

The book Peer Kamil Pdf is a novel written by Umera Ahmad. The author of the book is among the top story writers in Urdu. She has written some bestsellers. One of them is the Peer e Kamil Novel is one of them. Complete Peer e Kamil Novel By Umera Ahmed Free download in Pdf format.

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This novel took Umera Ahmad to the zenith of her career, and also gave her a name and a reputation. Umera Ahmad wrote the sequel to the novel under the name of Aab e Hayat. I think that every Muslim as well as Urdu book lover must go through these stories at some point throughout their lives.

Peer e Kamil Novel

Overview of Novel:

The Peer-e -Kamil novel is created by Umaira Ahmad. This is among the most popular novels written by Umera Ahmed, which has an intriguing social romantic, and morally-uplifting tale in the Urdu language. It’s true that when it pertains to Popular Urdu fiction and TV Dramas, the name of Umera Ahmed doesn’t require any background. Shuaa Digest was written the novel during the events of 2003. The novel first appeared in the form of a book in 2004. Further ahead the book’s English version was released in the year 2011 under the title “The Perfect Mentor.

Storyline Novel:

The tale about Peer-e-Kamil is focused on a sect that disrupts the determination that our prophet (P.B.U.H) in the interim and narrates a heart-wrenching journey through two humanities that are unhappy; Salar Sikandar, a mastermind with an unanswered I.Q with a lot of questions about life, and Imama Hashim, an average girl who has a stable family. Both are at different levels in the realm of spiritual growth. Their lives are shaped by purpose. connect with each other until Salaar is in love with Imama following a shocking relationship that completely alters the course that his personal life.

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The story of Peer-e-Kamil is focussing on a divergent faction that denies the irrevocability that our prophet (P.B.U.H) during the interim. The story depicts the tragic journey of two depressed spirits;

Peer e Kamil novel page 1

Salar Sikandar, is a virtuoso with an amazing I.Q with a myriad of questions about the nature of existence. Imama Hashim is a conventional young woman with a stable family. They are complete opposites in terms of the way they arouse. Their lives are shaped by fate to meet in a variety of ways until Salaar becomes obsessed with Imama after a horrendous incident that completely alters the course of his own life.

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It first appeared in Shuaa Digest from July 2003 through the month of February in Urdu and, later, an English translation of the novel was released in the year 2011 under the title “The Perfect Mentor PBUH”.

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Shuaa Digest (sddy’jstt) published the novel in a series in 2003. It first appeared in a book format in 2004. Then the book was translated into an English version and was released in 2011 with the heading “The Perfect Mentor.”

Peer e Kamil novel summary in Urdu

Even after the countless lengthy periods of its initial publication, its popularity and popularity continue to grow. It is, in fact, well-known among the younger people of Urdu readers.

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The story is about an important moment in the lives of two characters when the decision to choose the right or wrong option is given to the other. Furthermore, they are able to decide which direction they want to.

Theme of peer e kamil

If we are discussing this novel’s main characters, we have two names to mention: Salar Sikandar, and Imama Hashim. Imama Hashim works as a medical understudy that has a connection to a group belonging to the Qadiani religion.

Peer e Kamil in English

However, in the end, due to specific requirements, the girl reverted to Islam. In the end, Salar Sikandar, who is part of an extremely wealthy family, is an exceptional understudy who has IQs over 150.

About Umera Ahmed

Umera Ahmed is a Pakistani female author, dramatist, and story writer. Umera Ahmed doesn’t use her language in a flexible manner. She shares her topic by telling a fascinating and entertaining story. She has grown in this short time-lapse.

Peer e Kamil Novel PDF

She is a master of her tales. Umera Ahmed is among the most diverse and well-known Urdu fiction novelists as well as state-of-the-art writers of the present.

Book/Title Peer e Kamil
Author/Writer Umera Ahmed
Pages 559
Category Novel
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