Mukhtasar Al Tahavi

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Mukhtasar Al Tahavi

Mukhtasar Al Tahavi مختصر الطحاوی

Al-Tahawi Book, which is believed to be the first text of Hanafi law and is considered to be the”real capital” for Hanafi religion. Imam Tahawi’s family came of that of the Hajar lineage of the renowned Azad tribe from Yemen. Mukhtasar Al Tahavi, The goal of this book isn’t to compile the hadiths from Imam Tahawi but to confirm and support the Hanafi that the Imam Abu Hanifa does not contradict the hadith in any place.

مختصر الطحاوی

Imam Tahawi started studying jurisprudence at the age of the uncle of his Abu Ibrahim Muzni during his school days.

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