Majalis e Zikr By Mufti Shafiq Al Qasmi

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Majalis e Zikr

Majalis e Zikr By Mufti Shafiq Al Qasmi مجالس ذکر

Islam’s religion is a complete and straight-forward way of living, which will bring you the best of both the world and the afterlife. Majalis e Zikr, Remember the name of your Lord, and be free from all distractions and look towards Him. Allah Ta’ala was a strong advocate of this religion and it was completed in the lifetimes of the Holy Prophet.

مجالس ذکر

Allah prepared for men who remember Allah often and women who remember Allah frequently, forgiveness and a great reward.

Book/Title Majales e Zikr
Author/Writer Mufti Shafiq Al Qasmi
Category Book
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