Maarif ul Hadith Urdu/English By Maulana Muhammad Manzoor Nomani

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Maarif ul Hadith

Maarif ul Hadith Urdu/English By Maulana Muhammad Manzoor Nomani معارف الحدیث

Maarif ul Hadith is a contemporary selection of hadiths suitable for the general educated Muslim community. This compilation, comprising of eight volumes, is well-known in the religious institutions of the Indo-Pak subcontinent. Its authors have taken into consideration the religious, intellectual, and societal conditions of the common Muslim populace, along with the intellectual demands of the modern era, and have provided a sensible Urdu translation and interpretation. Therefore, an introduction to this compilation is unnecessary in religious circles.

معارف الحدیث – از مولانا محمد منظور نعمانی

In nearly every foundational chapter, there is a thorough introduction that outlines the necessity, significance, and potential limitations of the subject matter. This serves to prepare the reader mentally to comprehend and derive benefit from the ensuing Hadith chapter.

Book/Title Marif ul Hadith Urdu/English
Author/Writer Maulana Muhammad Manzoor Nomani
Category Book
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