Lazawal Novel By Bushra Rehman

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Lazawal novel by Bushra Rehman

Bushra Rehman wrote the book The Lazawal Novel. It is a romantic and social novel. The author has discussed a number of topics throughout the book. She spoke about the birth of a female, which is not going well with some people. She spoke about the struggles of women in the world of society.

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Bushra Rehman is an acclaimed woman writer novelist, poet, and columnist. She has published close to 50 books for various monthly digests and magazines. She also is a writer for Urdu newspapers. Urdu. I hope you enjoy Lazawal Novel Pdf and will share it with your family and friends.

Lazawal Novel By Bushra Rehman

Lazawal novel pdf download

Bushra Rehman was the author of the novel Lazawal. It is a collection of particular novels about idealistic and social issues written in the Urdu language. The author discussed some hot social issues in her book. She clarified the emotions of love and hate that are portrayed in the stories. Pakistani National television PTV has approved the novel for an upcoming TV Drama series with the same title.

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Lazawal (lzwl) The Lazawal novel (also known as lzwl), is a famous social Urdu novel written by the well-known woman Urdu journalist Bushra Rehman. The story perfectly reflects the social and cultural upsides of a normal Pakistani family. PTV adopted the novel and turned it into an upcoming TV-Drama series with a similar title.

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Bushra Rehman is an essayist in The Lazawal novel. The name is well-known among Urdu users since she has written a number of remarkable and successful books. She explains in detail human relationships and the mishaps that affect families love, misfortune, and love in her writings on different social and social issues.

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The female characters of h00er novels are well-written and interesting every day. On this website, you can read about The work of the author Bushra R. Rehman. All Books and Novels

Additionally, Bushra is an outstanding speaker and has spoken at numerous meetings. The primary subject of Bushra Rehman Books is the social issues of Pakistani society. You might also want to explore Bushra Rehman’s novel to stay in touch with us.

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The Lazawl novel’s plot revolves around a Pakistani family that has customary social and social traits. It is common for Pakistani guardians to inform their children, “Duniya Buhat Buri Hai.” In this tale, the creator tries to explain the confusion of the world, which is a displeasing place.

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The main character in the story is a girl known as Nayab her cousin of her three sisters. The father and her siblings are determined to monitor her. While she should be able to enjoy life and enjoy a wonderful time, just like her peers, she is scared of her father’s anger. The writer paints a perfect picture of the struggles of young girls who are growing up in the harshest environment.

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The tale of Lazawal novel is about the lives of a family in Pakistan with old-fashioned social and cultural norms. We are mostly in Pakistan and, as such, we regularly hear from our parents “Duniya Buhat Buri Hai.” In this tale, the writer tries to debunk this false perception of the world as being an unfriendly environment. The story’s principal character is played by a girl named Nayab who is the sole sister to three brothers. Her father and brothers strictly supervise her. Even though she is expected to enjoy life and be a kid just like her peers, however, she is afraid of her father’s anger. The author tells the ideal story of the difficulties of girls rising to the occasion in difficult circumstances.

Lazawal Novel PDF

If you love reading the stories of family tragedy and abuse of natives this novel is perfect for you. Bushra Rehman is an excellent writer, novelist, and political. She has done a variety of great assignments in her professional life. We’ll be discussing her accomplishments. She is a writer from Urdu, Punjabi, Siraiki, and also English etymological. At present, the bulk of her work hasn’t been released to the public. Bushra Rahman is also criticized as a politician and was an assembly member for the third time. Bushra Rahman also writes an article every week in Pakistani Urdu newspapers. She believes in the ideals of Pakistan and supports this scholar by writing her column.

Book Title Lazawal
Author/Writer Bushra Rehman
Pages 490
Published date January 1, 2016
Category Novel
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