La Hasil Novel By Umera Ahmed

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La Hasil Novel By Umera Ahmed

Umera Ahmad is the author of The La Hasil Novel PDF. Another excellent novel was written by Umera Ahmad. The theme that runs through the book is that, if you commit a crime, there will be consequences within your life will be a victim. You don’t expect anyone to be good in your life.

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It’s all about one girl who changed her religion to Islam. She was born into an ethnically British family. She was in love with a Pakistani and transformed her life for benefit of God. The book’s story has been telecast and dramatized on Hum TV a few years past. You can download the La Hasil Novel PDF written by Umera Ahmad in PDF Form.

La Hasil Novel By Umera Ahmed

Overview of Novel:

La Hasil is a well-known Urdu novel written by much-loved Urdu creator Umera Ahmed. In the novel, the two stories are set in a similar way and are connected seamlessly at the end of the novel. The story is one of the lowest of points in their lives, enthralled by desire or belief, arrogance, and bigotry, and thereby experiencing different difficulties throughout their lives. The first time it was published through Khawateen Digest was on September 1, 2001.

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La Hasil (l HSl) is a well-known Urdu novel written by famous Urdu novelist Umera Ahmed. It’s a dazzling tale of people who live their lives driven by need pride, conviction, conviction, and prejudice, and facing various preliminaries within their own lives. The first time it was published was by Khawateen Digest from September 2001 until December 2001.

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Umera Ahmed has earned her notoriety by introducing various social and social segments of the general public in a surprising manner. Her writing style is incredibly clear and precise. In her writings, she typically makes the reader aware of social problems and weaknesses. She has written books on diverse social issues such as Aks, Amerbail, and Pir-e-Kamil.

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In this novel, there are two stories presented in a way that is similar to one another and then interspersed perfectly towards the end of the novel. Umairah Ahmed is lauded for telling two completely different stories in a captivating manner, and then interfacing with them in a well-rounded manner.

Storyline Novel:

In this tale, the main character is Khadija Noor who is a character who represents conviction, courage, and even martyrdom. She is a British girl whose Pakistani family member had a lie about her mother Ruth who left an indelible impression on her personal life. Mazhar appears to be a Muslim who reflects himself as the guardian of Islam. Maryam, the main character is an adolescent to her demands. The novel tells the story of an individual woman, her miraculous change, her suffering and struggles with her joys and grins, and, most importantly, the obstacles she faces in her life which are shaped by human life that is eager to punish, but never ready to accept the pardon.

Author Umera Ahmed:

Umera Ahmed is a Pakistani playwright, author, and novelist. Umera Ahmed is not one to talk openly. She tells her story by telling a fascinating and captivating story.

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She has been able to become a genius with this short time-lapse. She is amazing for her writing and her play Umera Ahmed is among the most well-read and popular Urdu fiction novelists as well as writers on the state of affairs of the present.

Book/Title La Hasil
Author/Writer Umera Ahmed
Pages 280
Category Novel
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