Khwab aur Tabeer By Shykh Abdul Ghani Nabulsi

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Khwab aur Tabeer

Khwab aur Tabeer By Shykh Abdul Ghani Nabulsi خواب اور تعبیر

In the normal course of life, everyone has a connection to dreams and dreams. A person may be satisfied after having a great dream, and then gets anxious after having a negative dream. Khwab aur Tabeer, We hope that people will gain from this, and not be tempted to overindulge through utilizing dream interpretations and dreams, and avoid reading books that offer non-Sharia interpretations.

خواب اور تعبیر

I pray to Allah Ta’ala that He will be pleased with this offering and use it to benefit the properties and people, and an asset for the author in the next world. Amen

Book/Title Khwab aur Taber
Author/Writer Shykh Abdul Ghani Nabulsi
Category Book
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