Khumar e Gandum Book By Ibn e Insha

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Khumar e Gandum Book

Ibne Insha is the writer of the novel Khumar e Gandum Book Pdf. Similar to other books by Ibne Insha the author also wrote the book in a humorous manner. The book gained a lot of attention due to Ibn e Insha. The writer entertained his readers by discussing a variety of people and events.

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Ibne Insha was a great humorist and writer of Urdu. In his prolific publishing career, the writer published excellent travelogues and funny books. Additionally, he displayed an uncanny ability for comedy that amused readers. I hope you will enjoy Khumar e Gandum PDF and that you share it with your loved ones.

Khumar e Gandum Book

Khumar e gandum pdf

Ibn-Insha is the author of the novel Khumar e Gandum (Intoxication Wheat). As with other books by Ibne Insha Ibne Insha, he also wrote it in a humorous style. The book was awarded an extraordinary prize by Ibn Insha. The author is entertaining in his descriptions of incidents and people.

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Khumar e Gandum (her gndm) is a collection of humorous and ironic short stories written by eminent humorist Ibn e Insha. The collection was published after his death and was awarded the Adamjee Literary Award in 1980.

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In terms of writing Urdu comedy and parody, there are many comedians. Among them, there are transcendent individuals such as Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi as well as Patras Bukhari. But, as it happens nobody can meet the strict requirements of Ibn-e-Insha. The mockery of his is not constrained and his wisdom is so deep.

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Khumar e Gandum is composed by Ibne Insha. Ibne Insha’s Tanzo Mazah Books. Get the entire collection of Urdu Funny Books from Best Urdu Tanzo Mazah book by Ibne Insha. Khumar Gandum from Ibne Insha Download the PDF file by clicking below download button.

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Apart from writing comedy as well, he also composed verse travelogues, segments, and poems. Whatever type of writing he wrote the writer influenced the style every story is filled with funny characters and situations which will, without doubt, improve your mood. If you enjoy reading Urdu comics and satires This is the best choice for you. We wish you a lot to be able to appreciate this book after reading it.

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Ibne Insha was a famous comic and novelist from Urdu. In his illustrious writing career, he conceived of amazing travelogues and enjoyable books. Additionally, he had an innate talent for humor which delighted the readers. I hope you will enjoy this book Khumar e Gandum and offer it to your colleagues.

 Khumar e Gandum Book By Ibn e Insha PDF

The title of the book “Khumar e Gandum” its meaning of intoxication wheat comes due to the availability of sufficient food and money. In simple terms, it means that an individual who is healthy and wealthy does not take on unnecessary fights. Khumar e Gandum comprises sixty-three stories and short tales packed with humor and the funniest. Some of them are his first artwork, and others of them were written during his final stage of life. Before they were distributed in book form the articles were published in the daily Akhbar-e-Jahaan, Jang, and various magazines.

Book Title Khumar e Gandum
Author/Writer Ibn e Insha
Pages 224
Published Date 2005
Categorie Book
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