Islam main Tasawwur e Mazah By Abdul Waris Sajid

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Islam main Tasawwur e Mazah

Islam main Tasawwur e Mazah By Abdul Waris Sajid اسلام میں تصور مزاح

Islam is a religion that allows individuals to fulfill their natural inclinations while adhering to Sharia law. Islam main Tasawwur e Mazah, The Islamic perspective on laughter and humor has been presented in a rational and comprehensive manner in the reviewed book. The book provides a unique and thorough compilation of this subject.

اسلام میں تصور مزاح – عبدالوارث ساجد

Since humor and good nature are naturally ingrained in humans, they are not prohibited in Islam but rather encouraged. Jokes, fun, and humor are positive attributes that Allah has instilled in almost every human being, promoting a lighthearted and kind-spirited approach to life.

Book/Title Islam main Tasawur e Mazah
Author/Writer Abdul Waris Sajid
Category Book
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