Hidayatul Quran By Maulana Saeed Ahmad Palanpuri

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Hidayatul Quran

Hidayatul Quran By Maulana Saeed Ahmad Palanpuri ہدایت القرآن

“Hidayatul Quran can be described as an Urdu commentary on the Qur’an written by Saeed Ahmed Palan Puri. The most notable aspect in this text is its interconnection between the passages. It’s actually the finalization of Hidayat al-Qur’an which was not completed by Maulana Usman Kashif Al-Hashemi. It is believed that the Holy Qur’an is the last message from Allah The God of all Worlds The person who receives it is all human beings.

ہدایت القرآن

The significance of the book demanded to have an order in which after transcribing the original book into Persian the Mughalqats would be clear , and the more difficult passages could be read correctly.

Book/Title Hidayatul Quran
Author/Writer Maulana Saeed Ahmad Palanpuri
Category Book
Read Online
Part 1 / جلد ایک
Part 2 / جلد دو
Part 3 / جلد تین
Part 4 / جلد چار
Part 5 / جلد پانچ
Part 6/ جلد چھ
Part 7/ جلد سات
Part 8/ جلد آٹھ


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