Gham Na Karen By Dr. Aaidh Al Qarni

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Gham Na Karen

Gham Na Karen By Dr. Aaidh Al Qarni غم نہ کریں

This book is an extremely thoroughly researched and fascinating study. Don’t let it be a disappointment. It’s free to download. Gham Na Karen, In a time where Muslims face challenges and hardships, this book that is heartbreaking closely linked to the commandments that are a part of Allah (SAW) as well as the Sunnah. Man must face a myriad of challenges and issues at this time.

غم نہ کریں – از ڈاکٹر عائد القرنی

Also available also in English, Spanish, Arabic, French under Free Library. All of these pains, sufferings, illnesses and pains come caused by Allah. Faith and belief in Him is a fundamental part in the religion of a person who believes since only Allah is the creator and master of both good and bad fate.

Book/Title Ghaam Na Karen
Author/Writer Dr. Aaidh Al Qarni
Category Book
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