Fazail e Ummat e Muhammadia S.A.W By Maulana Ashiq Ilahi

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Fazail e Ummat e Muhammadia

Fazail e Ummat e Muhammadia S.A.W By Maulana Ashiq Ilahi فضائل امت محمدیہؐ

Allah Ta’ala has praised His Muhammadan Ummah with numerous virtues and merits, and has bestowed on it a wealth of benefits. Allah Ta’ala designed it to be in the middle of Ummah. Fazail e Ummat e Muhammadia, The political existence for the Muslim Ummah has virtually disappeared Their economy is based on non-nations. Where they are an isolated group, they become being oppressed by their fellow citizens, and when they are their majority are murderers of one another.

فضائل امت محمدیہؐ – از مولانا عاشق الٰہی

The ummah is witnesses for the first time in the ummahs. The Shariah guidelines for earlier ummahs were extremely strict however, Allah will make the rules of this one very simple to follow, such as: Allah Almighty has made the entire earth a spot for prayer and also the soil is pure is Tayyam. It is an excellent source.

Book/Title Fazael e Ummat e Muhammadia [S.A.W]
Author/Writer Maulana Ashiq Ilahi
Category Book
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