Dawat e Jihad By Maulana Fazal Muhammad

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Dawat e Jihad

Dawat e Jihad By Maulana Fazal Muhammad دعوت جہاد

At early times, humans had the same track (i.e. on the correct path their Creator had commanded them to follow at the beginning. However, this situation did not stay). At one point, Russia was considered a superpower. Dawat e Jihad, Intoxicated by its power, it started to conquer Muslim homelands and turned several Islamic countries including Afghanistan to be the targets for its insurgencies.

دعوت جہاد

Urge the Muslims to (Jihad). It is hoped Allah The Exalted will put an end to the fighting forces of non-believers. Allah The Exalted is a stern opponent and harsh when it comes to punishment.

Book/Title Dawat e Jehad
Author/Writer Maulana Fazal Muhammad
Category Book
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