Chehray ka Parda By Mufti Shakir ur Rehman

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Chehray ka Parda

Chehray ka Parda By Mufti Shakir ur Rehman چہرے کا پردہ

The covering of women’s face is not limited to consensus or just with the date of fittingna, however, the veiling of the face is confirmed by numerous texts. Muslim brother, you must be aware that it is mandatory for women to shield her face to protect herself from the gaze of strangers and men who are not mahram. Chehray ka Parda, No matter what instructions Islam has provided for the protection of women.

چہرے کا پردہ

A woman is concealed and hidden. There is an order for this man in Shariat that he be kept at home in his house. The women who believe in God to stay away from the glare of their eyes.

Book/Title Chehray ka Pardaa
Author/Writer Mufti Shakir ur Rehman
Category Book
Part 1 / جلد ایک
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