Bheegi Palkon Par Novel By Iqra Sagheer Ahmed

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Bheegi Palkon Par Novel By Iqra Sagheer Ahmed

Iqra Sagheer Ahmed is the author of Bheegi Palkon Par Novel pdf. The book is a classic romantic, socially-conscious story. The author dealt with a range of social issues in the tale. She discussed the human behavior of the other. Iqra Sagheer Ahmad is a renowned female novelist and writer in Urdu. She wrote some incredibly successful novels for people who read Urdu novels. The majority of her stories appeared first in the show before being published in a regular book form. I hope you enjoy this book Bheegi Palkon Par Novel PDF and feel free to share it with others.

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Iqra Sagheer Ahmed is the author of Bheegi Palkon par. The book contains a beloved romantic and socially conscious story. The author explored a number of aspects of our modern society in her story. She spoke about human behavior towards others and the world in which we live. The book is the 550pages not too long.

Bheegi Palkon Par Novel By Iqra Sagheer Ahmed

Theme of Novel:

Briefly explain this new concept that is fundamental to the way we are all presenting these days and in the coming days. We have been submitting to the evils in the name of trends and fashion. Novel Bheegi Palkon Per is a story that taught us on the right track with regard to the true fashion and trends that are what we must keep.

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Bheegi Palkon (bhygy plkhwN) is an Urdu novel written by famous woman Pakistani author Iqra Sagheer Ahmad. It is a heartfelt socio-political Urdu tale that is a reflection of different parts of the public. The story first appeared via episodes of The Monthly Anchal digest.

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The story’s original spins around the history of the lives of a Pakistani family that has traditional social norms. The main character of the tale is a beautiful and charming young lady named, Pari.

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Her grandmother is a fan of her, despite the fact her stepmother hates her. She’s completely straight constantly with Tafral and, at the end of the day, these small battles can lead to feelings of passion. Then, after that, it becomes a family-oriented show filled with characters and events. We discover the truth with regard to selling off the family, leg-pulling, and defaming one another.

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If you are a fan of Pakistani family-oriented shows This is an excellent option for you. We hope that you are delighted by reading this book. You might also want to look through the following books: Sari Bhool Hamari Thi by Rahat Jabeen Muqaddas Written by Hashim Nadeem and Mere Charagar by Ruhsana Nigar.

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In the event that it is not done, it could leave the impression of a dark one on our children. Bheegi Palkon Per is the story of a girl living as an orphan, instead of having both her father and mother, because as a child, her mother made her parents make them separate. This is why she was not reliable and constantly regretted her decision to be a part of the world. Bheegi Palkon Per is the tale of a young girl who was ought to cry every day over her wealth. The other thing Iqra Sagheer Ahmad reveals in her story Bheegi Palkon Per that the increasing number of children if you’re making a mistake and must pay the price.

Bheegi Palkon Par PDF

It is an amazing story. The interval points occur when the people enter the main characters in the novel. It is a novel that is rare and worth reading. The complete novel Bheegi Palkon Per was written by Iqra Sagheer Ahmad.

Book/Title Bheegi Palkon Par
Author/Writer Iqra Sagheer Ahmed
Pages 451
Category Novel
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