Bas Ab Laut Aana Novel By Nighat Abdullah

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Nighat Abdullah was the writer of the book Bas Ab Laut Aana pdf. The book contains various romantic and social stories. The author provides some fascinating details about our society based on reality. She spoke about social issues and problems. She also discussed difficult issues that confront people in their lives. Nighat Abdullah is a well-known female novelist and writer. She is a playwriter as well as an author of a few serials for the top television stations in Pakistan. In addition, Nighat Abdullah earned fame for her romantic tales. I hope you enjoy this book Bas Ab Laut Aana pdf and forward it to your friends. Bas Ab Laut Aana Novel By Nighat Abdullah.

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“Bas Ab Laut Aana” was written by the famous Romantic writer Nighat Abdullah. The novel is a collection that includes romantic and socially conscious stories. The author reveals some fascinating details about our society that are based on actual facts. She argues about our social issues and problems. The novel was first published as an annual digest, and later as a hardcover.

Bas Ab Laut Aana Novel By Nighat Abdullah

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Nighat Abdullah, the author of the novel Bas Ab Laut Aana pdf. The book is an amalgamation of socially relevant touching stories. The author reveals a number of shocking facts regarding our society in light of the real world. She spoke about the issues that we face in our society and social life. She also mentioned several tangled issues that confront the individual in his daily life.

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Nighat Abdullah is an affluent female essayist and writer. She is also a play-essayist and was a thought leader for certain series for the principal TV shows in Pakistan. Additionally, Nighat Abdullah acquired popularity due to her touching tales. I hope that you enjoy the book Bas Ab Laut Aana pdf and will share it with your friends.

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Description of Book:

The author has mentioned some imagined problems that face the protagonist in his own life. The story revolves around the lives of two main characters, Sehar as well as Aazar Sehar and Aazar, both of whom come from families that suffer from significant social problems.

Bas Ab Laut Aana PDF

They have an attraction to each other. Whatever the case, it is heartbreaking when the Sehar family arranges her marriage with a different person. Aazar is unable to imagine confronting Sehar’s family members since he’s in the process of contemplating and carries the burden for his own family. To remedy this there is a family tragedy that unfolds and the other characters join in creating an absorbing book. To know more in regards to what transpires in their tragic love story you must read the book.

Book Title Bas Ab Laut Aana
Author/Writer Nighat Abdullah
Pages 128
Category Novel
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