Barkat e Rizq By Mustafa Abdullah Mustafa Al Shaykh

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Barkat e Rizq

Barkat e Rizq By Mustafa Abdullah Mustafa Al Shaykh برکت رزق

Blessings are something all men require, much as is water. In its literal sense, Rizq means “grant”, whether it is a grant from the world or the future. Barkat e Rizq, The Arabic dialect, Rizk means every thing granted by Allah Ta’ala. Of course, the food and sustenance of all living creatures is the responsibility of the Creator. However, physical factors also play a role in this regard, however the ultimate source is God Almighty. physical aspects are also according to His instructions.

برکت رزق – مصطفٰی عبداللہ مصطفیٰ الشیخ

In numerous places of the Holy Quran, blessings in food and wealth are mentioned as a result of confession and forgiving. There are other spiritual causes for low food that are listed below.

Book/Title Barkaat e Rizq
Author/Writer Mustafa Abdullah Mustafa Al Shaykh
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