Baqiyat e Salehat By Mufti Muhammad Salman Zahid

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Baqiyat e Salehat

Baqiyat e Salehat By Mufti Muhammad Salman Zahid باقیات صالحات

Wealth is only an ornament of the world, and (yes) the rest of your good works are much more worthy before God than the reward and great expectations (of in the near future). Baqiyat e Salehat, He also said of the causes and wealth of the world, that sons and wealth are the glory of life in the entire world.

باقیات صالحات

Baqiyaat-iSalihat is an Qur’anic term that refers to the positive actions of someone with a reward and goodness that lasts in the future.

Book/Title Baqiyat e Salehaat
Author/Writer Mufti Muhammad Salman Zahid
Category Book
Part 1 / جلد ایک
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