Amanat Novel (Complete) By Riffat Siraj

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Amanat Novel

The world witnesses when the names of evil and good are mentioned. Men, as well as women, are also mentioned. The novel Amanat Novel is a romantic and social story where the author presents moral and social questions. This story is also about characters who transcend their boundaries and go beyond the boundaries in Islam with the love of God. Riffat Siraj claimed that the primary is a work by Allah Almighty Who is the Creator of everything. There comes a moment in their lives when their hearts break and they decide to follow Allah in addition to Islam.

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Allah has sent him to the world with the utmost confidence in his message. The author is trying to inform us about the limits of love in accordance with Islam. One should always do his best to please Allah. There are scenes of the opposite of love, hatred, selfishness, Sufism, and Islamic teachings in this novel simultaneously.

Amanat Novel (Complete) By Riffat Siraj

Amanat Urdu Novel By Riffat Siraj Pdf

The authors wrote this novel for educational purposes. It offers a fresh perspective to those who read about love. Riffat Siraj is an acclaimed female author and novelist. Riffat Siraj is a well-known female Urdu novelist who has written a number of romantic and social novels.

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The screenplay writer is an actress. the creator who wrote a variety of great novels and stories for readers. She writes for various local digests and is particularly well-known with Pakistani women who read digests. I hope that you enjoy the novel Amanat Novel Pdf by Riffat Siraj and that you share it with your friends

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In her narratives, she explores the various elements of society their flaws, and the impact they have on our lives. This is where you are able to download Riffat Siraj’s novel in PDF. It is essential to read Riffat Siraj’s All Novels.You can go through Kala Dil Wala Novel, Shehr e Yaran or Tair e Lahoti

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Book/Title Amanat
Author/Writer Riffat Siraj
Pages 399
Category Novel
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