Al Fauz ul Kabir Arabic By Shah Waliullah

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Al Fauz ul Kabir Arabic

Al Fauz ul Kabir Arabic By Shah Waliullah الفوز الكبير عربى

Al Fauz ul Kabir Arabic, This is the only complete translation of all five parts. Other translators may have skipped sections because they were too complicated. The book: Great Victory In Principles of Tafsir can be considered one of the Islamic Treasury’s books that is related to religious affairs or its sciences.

الفوز الكبير عربى

This is the only Arabic translation of Shah Waliullah Muhaddith Dehlavi’s brilliant Persian work on usoolut-tafseer by a native Persian speaker.

Book/Title Al Fauz ul Kaber Arabic
Author/Writer Shah Waliullah
Category Book
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