Adaab e Taleem o Taallum By Muhammad Ameen Orakzai Shaheed

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Adaab e Taleem o Taallum

Adaab e Taleem o Taallum By Maulana Muhammad Ameen Orakzai Shaheed آداب تعلیم و تعلم

Knowledge is the most valuable treasure and awe-inspiring worth of human existence With the aid of that one’s ability to clearly discern between morality and wrongness as well as halal and forbidden both right and wrong, and between right and wrong. Adaab e Taleem o Taallum, Literature is the term used to describe phrases and acts that get highly praised, Allama Suyuti says literature is the word used to refer to the act of adopting proper behavior.

آداب تعلیم و تعلم – از مولانا محمد امین اورکزئی شہید

Knowledge is the title of this collection of enlightening and blessed wisdom of the Qur’an and Hadith that are based on the riches of which man is able to recognize the Creator, his the owner and Sustainer.

Book/Title Adaab e Taleem o Tallum
Author/Writer Maulana Muhammad Ameen Orakzai Shaheed
Category Book
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