Yaaram Novel By Sumaira Hameed

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Sumaira Hameed is the author of the Yaaram novel. It is a cult romantic, social story that was published in the form of an episode in the Shua digest. The storyteller shared some of the emotions and feelings of lovers who are in love with the person they love. Yaaram Novel By Sumaira Hameed.

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The girl is the primary character in the story. She applied for admission to a British university. While there she was able to meet the attention of a Muslim boy with British citizenship. Both were brokenhearted and had an unforgiving history. They were in love with one the other and vowed to pay sacrifices in this manner.

Yaaram Novel By Sumaira Hameed

Yaaram Novel Summary:

Yaaram is a well-known Urdu story written by famous Urdu Sumaira Hameed. The novel tells a social-reform story that exposes grave flaws in our current society. Sumaira Hameed is writer of the novel Yaaram Novel. The author shared some of the feelings and emotions that lovers experience when are in love with the person they love. It first appeared in the local monthly Shua digest. It was later released as a hardcover publication.

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The principal purpose of the story is to evade an individual called Amraha The young woman is the protagonist in the story, who gained the step of gaining admission to the British college. At the same time, she met a Muslim child who was of British identity. They shared an unresolved heart and a painful history. They shared passionate affection for one another and focused on resolving their differences by committing suicide.

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family members as a result of some horrific events which occurred after her first introduction into the world. The girl is suffering from serious trauma as a result of being attacked by her family for things she’s not. Everyone hates her, except for her grandfather. He is the one in the family that thinks in a different way.

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He is devoted to and supports Amraha and aids her escape from the toxic conditions at home. He she is sent to study at Manchester University in the UK. There, in a place that has no precedent, she joins with friends while investigating and uncovers the real person she is. It all feels so natural until she encounters Aliyan.

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Aliyan is the next main person in the tale. He is sweet and generous and loved by all and a well-known understudy at college. The love with Amraha within a short time after meeting her. He usually finds ways to make money with her, but at the end of the day, she also clings to his love. The sweet science that they share is explained in depth within the text.

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What was the outcome of their romance story? Did they get married or not? To determine this you must read the bookThe college experience is described with precision and care within this work. As a society, we have many memories of the college or university life we attended. When you read this tale you’ll end up thinking about the events of your past, and also the people you hung out with, and the memories you made about your school days.

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In addition to the two main characters, Yaram can be described as a unique full of life-like characters. They have been raised in various countries, each with its own characteristics of strictness and social status. Each character is unique and has its own story. Vera is one of them a Russian girl who eventually becomes the companion of Amraha, as well as carl Aliyan’s beloved companion, Margaret, Lady Mehr, and Sai, among the other notable characters.

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Sumaira Hameed is a well-known writer and essayist of Urdu. Her books are popular with the eyes of readers, particularly women. She wrote some top-quality novels that became popular with her. I hope you enjoy the novel Yaram Novel Pdf and recommend it to your friends through online media sites. Yaaram is believed to be cursed and is a negative sign for the family due to the unfortunate events that happened shortly after her birth. She suffers from emotional trauma due to being ridiculed by her family members for what she’s not. Everyone hates her except for her grandfather. The only one in the family that thinks differently. He loves and is supportive of Amraha and aids her to escape the toxic family environment and takes her to go to Manchester University in the UK.

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Aliyan is the second principal character in the story. He is sweet and generous and loved by all and is an incredibly well-known and respected understudy in the college. The falls in love with Amraha shortly after meeting her. He usually finds ways to spend time with her and, over time she will also join his. Their love story is meticulously described within the book. So what is the outcome of their romance? Did they marry or not? To determine this you must read the book.

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Apart from the essential two protagonists, Yaram is an original full of life-like characters. They have been raised in different nations, with different moral and religious values. Each character has their own background story. Vera is an Russian young lady who eventually becomes friends with Amraha and carl Aliyan’s beloved friends, Margaret, Lady Mehr, and Sai are some other characters that stand out.

Book/Title Yaaram
Author/Writer Sumaira Hameed
Pages 520
Category Novel
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