Wrong Number Stories By Razia Butt

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The book Wrong Number Urdu Novel is an amalgamation of a few moral and social stories. The author addressed the many problems facing our society. Women and their communities are the main focus of the tales. Razia Butt spoke about the feelings and emotions of a Pakistani woman. She narrated the different stories she has heard and talked about her role as a wife, daughter, and mother.

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Razia Butt is a renowned female storyteller and novelist. Her career spanned lasting more than fifty years. It was her privilege to have a huge number of readers, and the majority of these were women. I hope that you enjoy the book called Wrong number Urdu novel Pdf and will share it with your friends on social media.

Wrong Number Stories By Razia Butt

105 Of The Funniest Wrong Number Texts Ever

The novel Wrong Number Urdu Novel is a unisex collection of humorous and moral tales. The author spoke about the various issues that confront the general population. Local women are the main theme of the stories. Razia Butt narrated the desires and emotions of a Pakistani woman. She told various stories and discussed her role as a wife or girl as well as a mother.

Wrong Number (Stories) By Razia Butt PDF

There’s an absolutely stunning thriller from the 1940s known as Sorry, Wrong Number. It features Barbara Stanwyck, who got an Academy Award selection for playing an actress who is able to hear the sounds she believes to be a homicide plot and tries to stop it.

Wrong Number Stories

First, this novel contains groups of stories that are mentioned below:

  • Qurbaani (Sacrifice)
  • Bairi Sajan (Fairy Friend)
  • Pathar Ki Shahzadi (Princes of Stone)
  • Khawahish (Desire)
  • Palang (Bed or Plang)
  • Phone Guzaida (Phone Keep)
  • Wrong Number (Wrong Number)

About Razia Butt

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Wrong Number Stories PDF

Razia Butt was a renowned female storyteller and novelist. She was working for more than 50 years. She has a huge number of admirers, and the majority of these are females. I hope you will take the time to read the book called The Wrong Number Novel in Urdu PDF and pass it on to your acquaintances. On the website, there is the possibility to download Razia Butt’s novels.

Book/Title Wrong Number
Author/Writer Razia Butt
Pages 250
Category Story
Read Online


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