Wajib ul Ishq novel by Pariwash Khan

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Wajib Ishq by Pariwash Khan, the complete novel. Pariwash Khan is a socio romantic novel written by the writer. A spooky tale of an egocentric person who keeps his personal identity and intentions hidden and is constantly fighting with his own family for dedication to his love. She is writing her first time and the story she tells demonstrates her talent and her maturity well. In the process of keeping his commitments firm and trying to restore his beloved friends to cut themselves and to break their trust. She has written on social problems. Wajib ul Ishq novel.

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However, he refused to give up to his junoon, and in the end the author is held accountable for his unpunished sins. This is a complete, long novel, a Rude Hero Age gap and Forced marriage. Let’s discover the next chapter and see which direction his life takes. She’s written for Readers Choice the Online Plate form that gives Online Writers to display their abilities and talents, that readers will be able to take a look at to increase their confidence.

Wajib ul Ishq novel

Summary of Novel Wajib ul Ishq

No matter if his relationships are splintered or he is in a position of success. It is a mysterious tale of an someone who is engocentric and hides his identity and goals hidden, and fights against his own relationships for dedication to his love. Let’s find out what happens next, and which twists his life will take.

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It is a very well-known romantic, social and social Urdu novel, which is published on the group of Prime Urdu Novels. While ensuring his commitments are strong and rehabilitating the relationship, he causes his beloved friends to be cut and breaks their confidence. Prime Urdu Novels encourage new writers to create online and display their talents and writing skills. However, he was never a slave to his junoon, and in the end the jury is on him of his sins unpunished.

Complete Pariwash Khan Novel

We provide a platform for new writers to express themselves and demonstrate the effectiveness of their words. No matter if his relationships are split or he has a on the top of his game. Pariwash Khan is a new writer , and her latest novel is written specifically to be published on the platform. We provide a platform to those who are new to the field and would like to write and to show the power of their words.

Wajib Ul Ishq Online reading Novel By Pari Vash Khan

She has written numerous acclaimed books for her readers. Malaal written by Pariwash Khan as well as Wajib Ishq by Pariwash Khan. They are among her most loved novels. The majority of her work is about realities and stories that are everywhere. These books will surely capture your interest. They can inspire us with their stories and words.

Book/Title Wajib ul Ishq
Author/Writer pari vash
Pages 39
Category Novel
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