Wahi, Ilm aur Science By Dr. Muhammad Riaz Karmani

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Wahi Ilm aur Science

Wahi, Ilm aur Science By Dr. Muhammad Riaz Karmani وحی، علم اور سائنس

Human sciences’ history is as old as man himself. The majority of Muslims are not uncommon, but scientific advances have also enthralled the religious world’s top leaders. Wahi Ilm aur Science, When Allah created man as the caliph of earth, He provided him with the knowledge of names.

وحی، علم اور سائنس – ڈاکٹر محمد ریاض کرمانی

Science education must be taught to our children. We do not have a problem with this, but it is required for parents to instruct their children in Quran and Hadith prior to teaching science or at a minimum in conjunction with it.

Book/Title Wahe, Ilm aur Science
Author/Writer Dr. Muhammad Riaz Karmani
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