Undlas Main Ajnabi (Travelogue) By Mustansar Hussain Tararr

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Undlas Main Ajnabi (Travelogue) By Mustansar Hussain Tararr

“Undlas Main Ajnabi” is a work of art that words can’t express the excitement and pride you feel after reading it…Tarar leads the reader on a journey to the”Undlas” in the”moors” along with the method he describes the attraction of this place is unfathomable. …. ” Qasre Alhambra” kay Surkh Meenar” and the majesty of it all, written as described by Tarar, leaves you in awe.

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An amazing work written by the famous author Mustansar Hussain Tarar. In the novel, the author recounts his trip to various cities and places in Spain and tells the story of his travels in a beautiful manner. The book also offers the concept of how to discover new locations.

Undlas Main Ajnabi

Undlas main ajnabi pdf download

His books include Raisani, Andulus Mayn Ajnabi, Bahhao, Bay Izti Kharab, Berfeeli Bulandiyan, Caravan Sarai, CHIK CHUK, CHITRAL DASTAAN, Dais Huwaa Perdais, Deyo Saai, Dakia aur Jolaha, Gadhay Hamaray Bhai Hain, Ghar-e-Hira disposition Ek Raat, Guzara Naheen Hota, Gypsi, Hazaron Hain Shikway, Hazaron Raastay, Hunza Dastaan, K-2 Kahani, Kaalaash, Khana Badosh, Moorat, Mun Wal Kabbey Shariff, Nanga Parbat, Nepal Nagri.

Undlas main ajnabi online reading

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When it comes to travelogues written in Urdu written form, Tarar Sahib’s name enters into the thoughts. His method of communicating his thoughts is so easy and his imagination so vivid that he depicts the whole scene and place in front of readers’ eyes.

Niklay teri talash main

His travelogues are a wonderful mix of the past and present and include historic sources for the past as well as his imaginative imagination for the present. In the end, Undlas Mein Adnabai is an intriguing Urdu travelogue that transports readers to the street corners of Spain.

Pyar ka pehla shehar

It also serves as a recollection of the country’s fascinating Muslim history. If you are looking for travelogues and novels, this book is what you need you. Talking about this book this is among his most popular travelogues where he takes his readers on a trip through Spain. The trip was made in the 1970s and spent approximately four months. Alongside describing his impressions of advanced Spain as well as describing Muslim’s glorious past in this part of the globe (Andalusia).

Mustansar hussain tarar

He began his journey in northern Spain traversing various urban areas like Syria, Castilia, Madrid, Cordoba, and Granada, and ended his trip in the southern part of Spain. He describes in detail their lifestyle as well as their lifestyle and food as well as recorded places. On this trip, there were also numerous incidents, which meant that the trip was a whirlwind of many difficulties.


There are many sections of this travel guide that you’d have to read over and time again, but the one on Cordoba city is worth a look at on a variety of occasions. The author also lists extraordinary people as well as places from the past, which share a space with a city similar to it.

Mustansar Hussain Tarar:

Popular personality Mustansar Hussain Tarar is a well-known Urdu writer, playwright, and actor. The city he was raised in was Lahore 1939. Tarar was among the few writers who experienced the subcontinent’s division. In the end, a large portion of his work deals with the division of Hindustan. He was an accomplished writer who wrote about separation scenarios. The events he observed by observation were documented in writing.

Undlas (Spain) Main Ajnabi PDF

The best books by Mr. Tarrar are mentioned below: Bahao (Flow of Water), Bay Izzati Kharab (Insulting Dishonor), Berfeeli Bulandiyan (Snowy Heights), Carvan Sarai (Carvan Motel), Chuk Chuk (remove the curtain)Mustansar Hussain Tarar has adopted an unmatched style for travel accessories and awe-inspiring insignias.

Book/Title Undlas Main Ajnabi (Travelogue)
Author/Writer Mustansar Hussain Tararr
Pages 321
Category Novel
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