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Tum se Tum Tak by Kainat Ijaz is forced marriage based urdu novel. Kainat Ijaz’s Tum Se Tum Tak tells a rousing, romantic, and social urdu love story. Kainat Ijaz is a prolific author of urdu novels. Novels Collection of Famouse is also one of the most popular Urdu novels. This novel features the main characters Anaya, Paras and Pakeeza. rdu Novel PDF Download, Romantic Urdu Novels Online Reading at Urdu Novels Collection. This novel is a novel about forced marriage, but it also contains a romantic story.

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Kainat Ijaz has written many stories in urdu and has many fans who are eagerly awaiting new novels. The Kainat Ijaz wrote many novels that addressed various social issues. Kainat Ijaz is also the author of many acclaimed urdu novels. We won’t share any other information from this novel to add suspense. We will provide more information about Kainat as soon as we receive it from any source.

Tum Se Tum Tak Novel

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Each month, the Kainat Ijaz stories will be published in an episodic format on various platforms. Finally, they will be released on Facebook. To satisfy your reading hunger, download this novel and enjoy it whole. We hope Urdu Novel Collection readers will enjoy this lovely Tum Se Tum Tak Urdu Novel. Please give your feedback.

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This novel was written by Kainat Ijaz. Kainat Ijaz also wrote some amazing books in episodic format. Some of these are listed bellow. She is the author of many urdu novels. Kainat Ijaz was also highly ranked in her Urdu stories. Kainat gained fame for her social media writing skills. This is what motivates her to teach the community moral values.

Summary of Novel:

She began writing on her Facebook page, and the first episode bases novels were shared. We hope you enjoy Tum Se Tum Tak PDF and will share it with others. She became famous and was approached by many websites to write for them. A famous writer wrote one of the most memorable novels. Her writings on forced marriage are well-known. She prefers to write fantasy novels based on love.

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Through her novels, Kainat Ejaz has exposed the many effects of forced marriage. Here are the best writers novels. Through her writing abilities, she also shares the moral values of society. You can download this free online novel pdf by clicking the links below. Kainat Ijaz, a social media activist, has very little information. Click on the image to see a better result.

Book/Title Tum Se Tum Tak
Author/Writer Kainat Ijaz
Pages 913
Category Novel
Read Online


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