Tohfatul Hind By Maulana Muhammad Ubaidullah

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Tohfatul Hind

Tohfatul Hind By Maulana Muhammad Ubaidullah تحفۃ الہند

When Allah Ta’ala has commanded specific actions to be executed He also listed some of the actions as well as believes that no action should be acceptable when in the sight of God. Tohfatul Hind, Maulavi ‘Ubaid Allah, also recognized as Pandit Maulavi, was born in a Hindu family and was raised up to be a Pandit.

تحفۃ الہند

The specifics of the things that Allah has prohibited are contained within the Holy Quran, and the specifics of what the Prophet has forbidden are contained in Hadiths of Prophet.

Book/Title Tohfatol Hind
Author/Writer Maulana Muhammad Ubaidullah
Category Book
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