Tohfa e Esaiyat By Mufti Aqeel Ahmad Qasmi

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Tohfa e Esaiyat

Tohfa e Esaiyat By Mufti Aqeel Ahmad Qasmi تحفہ عیسائیت

Tohfa e Esaiyat By Mufti Aqeel Ahmad Qasmi. Christmas is just around the corner. The institution which I teach as a teacher also has non-Muslim (Christian) employees. Christians observe Eid on the 25th day of December. If Muslim teachers provide them with money to help (without the purpose of celebrating Christmas) is it legal to allow them to do this?

تحفہ عیسائیت

If you offer an assortment of sweets from the Christian shop, what’s the law regarding eating it? On the 25th of December on, the Christian nation celebrates the celebration known as Christmas that is their most sacred festival. We do not see Christmas to be a good holiday.

Book/Title Tohfaa e Esaiyat
Author/Writer Mufti Aqeel Ahmad Qasmi
Pages 80
Category Book
Part 1 / حصہ اول
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