The Battle of Qadisiyyah By Abdul Malik Mujahid

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The Battle of Qadisiyyah

The Battle of Qadisiyyah By Abdul Malik Mujahid قادسیہ کی جنگ

In 637, a significant battle took place between the Arabs and Persians at Qadisiyyah. The outcome of this battle marked the beginning of the end for the Sasanian Dynasty and paved the way for the Arab conquest of Iraq. The victory also played a key role in the expansion of Islam into Persia and beyond. After the battle, the Arab forces seized the Persian capital and forced the last pre-Islamic emperor, Yazdagird, to flee to Inner Asia. This event led to the collapse of the Sasanian empire and opened up Persia to Arab-Muslim conquest.

قادسیہ کی جنگ – از عبدالمالک مجاہد

Despite being outnumbered by the Iranians’ 240,000 troops, the Muslim forces, consisting of approximately 30,000 soldiers, were able to defeat the powerful Iranian Empire in battle. This historical event was later utilized by Saddam Hussein as a pretext to legitimize the 1980-88 war against Iran and the subsequent 1990 invasion of Kuwait.

Book/Title The Battle of Qadisiyyah
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