Tere Hamrah Chalna Hai Novel By Iffat Sehar Tahir

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The novel’s story centers around a young girl Rania. Tere Hamrah Chalna Hai by Effit Seher Tahir in PDF.Recently, her parents passed away and she was living with her aunt following the death of her parents. Download Tere Hamrah Chalna Hai Download Urdu Romantic Novels. Her aunty is planning to wed her and the son of her Essa Raza. There Hamrah Chalna Hai was written by the famous Romantic writer Effect, Seher Tahir. Tere Hamrah Chalna Hai Novel By Iffat Sehar Tahir.

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However, Essa Raza doesn’t like her since they are poor parents.Effit Seher Tahir is the most well-known Urdu writer who is well-known for romance, love, and socially-oriented novels, specifically for females. She was impressed by him and would like to get married, but he doesn’t want her. She has written many Urdu Social, Love, Romantic, and fiction books over the years for Monthly Urdu Digests of Pakistan. This can cause a lot of issues within their families. Download her latest books on Effit Seher Tahir.

Tere Hamrah Chalna Hai Novel By Iffat Sehar Tahir

Tere Hamrah Chalna Hai Novel By Iffat Sehar Tahir PDF Download

The author provides a comprehensive explanation of various family issues that arise in the context of family relationships in our modern society. Ere Hamrah Chalna Hai written by Effit Seher Tahir an acclaimed Urdu romance and social novel. She offers a solution to these issues. Download and read for free online Tere Hamrah Chalna Hai, written by Effit Seher Tahir.BIf you are a fan of socio-romantic tales this book is the ideal selection for you. The book is available in the section under the heading Urdu Novels PDF.

Iffat Sehar Tahir Complete Novel in Urdu Pdf

Iffat Sehar Tahir has been a well-known female writer from Urdu literature. The format that is used in Tere Hamrah Chalna Hai is PDF. The file size is 1.88 MB. Tere Hamrah Chalna Hai has 75 pages . Tere Hamrah Chalna Hai has been downloaded 19,346 times. She wrote bundles of novels and short stories that were a huge hit. Free download of social novel Tere Hamrah Chalna Hai written by Effit Seher Tahir. The novels depict social and romantic stories from our Society is scan.

Summary of Novel

Some of her stories have been adapted to television channels. Iffat Sehar Tahir pioneered an original literary genre and gained fame in her romantic novels. She emphasized feminine issues, and consequently the denial of women’s rights in the feudal era. It is a must to go through Iffat Sehar’s Tahir All Novels. You may also like these books that are similar to them: Chandani Ka Safar by Nighat Abdullah, Chalo Azmatay Hain by Faiza Iftikhar as well as Musafaton Ke Lamhe by Maha Malik.

Book/Title Tere Hamrah Chalna Hai
Author/Writer Iffat Sehar Tahir
Pages 75
Category Novel
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