Tarikh ul Hadith By Qazi Abdul Samad Sarim

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Tarikh ul Hadith

Tarikh ul Hadith By Qazi Abdul Samad Sarim تاریخ الحدیث

Hadith, the second and final source of inspiration and source for Islamic law, was revealed by the Prophet. Hadith is a noun derived from hadith. Tarikh ul Hadith, The meaning of hadith means: To inform is its name, and it’s al-Akhbar.

تاریخ الحدیث

This is the treasure that is given by an entity whose words and deeds are free from errors and therefore, the results of this high-ranking position are also protected from any mistakes.

Book/Title Tarikh ul Hadeth
Author/Writer Qazi Abdul Samad Sarim
Category Book
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