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tania tahir novels

Tania Tahir novels complete list is available for download. Tania has written a number of novels and this one is also the best piece of writing. You Can also read online Tania Taher Novels. The novel is based on romantic Urdu novels in which She pointed out our social and family issues. Beautiful wording has been used in this novel. So, it is time to take you to download or read the novel online. Writer has written for the first time and her story tells their ability and maturity as well.

Tania Tahir novels Complete list And download in Pdf

She write novels based on forced marriage And then face issue after the marriage. Self Obsession Novel by Tania Tahir is a special novel, many social evils has been represented in this novel. Do not forget to share your experience regarding this novel because this will encourage the writer as well as the publisher.  As this is Complete ,long , novel then further you can read many topics on our website like.

All Tania Tahir Romantic Urdu Novel List

She is an experienced writer who started his writing career through Facebook writing. Tanea Tahir written a variety of urdu novels and has large number of fans waiting for new novels. Her Most famous novel is Ye Dil Ashiqana.

Dhongiyan Shamaan by Tania Tahir
Deewani Yar Di by Tania Tahir
Gharoor by Tania Tahir
rog e mohabbat novel by tania tahir
Sharabi Complete Urdu Novel By Tania Tahir
Aankhain Teri Complete Urdu Novel By Tania Tahir
Self Obsession Novel by Tania Tahir
Ye Dil Ashiqana Complete Urdu Novel By Tania Tahir
tania tahir novels fb
Tu Samandar Main Sahilon Ki Hawa by Tania Tahir
i am fire and she is ice novel by tania tahir
jaanam samjha karo novel by tania tahir
surkh anchal novel by tania tahir
Love with criminal (S2 of ice and fir) by Tania tahir
Bheega December by Tania Tahir

Who is Tania Tahir?

Tania Tahir is very sensitive and write real issue of Pakistani girls. Tania Tahir is an emerging new writer and it’s her new novel that is being written for our platform. All type of people are tried to show in this novel. We are not sharing anything else from this novel to give more suspense. Novels are available Here as in PDF and Online Read.

Tania Tahir book In Pdf

Book Tania Tahir furthermore have some incredible books distributed in episodic form and also some of them are mentioned bellow. Tania Tahr starting writing novels few year ago but in the period she got too much popularity. Tana Tahir has written many novels, which her readers has liked. Download all novel and read it wholly to give the best novel to your reading thirst.

Yeh Dil Ashiqana by Tania Tahir PDF Novel Download

Yeh Dil Ashiqana by Tania Taher  Best Urdu Novels. All Tania Tahir Romantic Urdu Novel List. Online Urdu Novel writer Tania Tahr written many best and famous Urdu novels in different types of Categories. Tania Tahir positioned high in Urdu stories.  She write more than 6 novels and all novels are very very famous novels. All novels on the website are available in pdf that can be downloaded in few easy steps mention below.

Dhongiyan Shamaan by Tania Tahir Complete Pdf Novel

Dhongiyan Shamaan by Tania Tahir is a village based Urdu novel. You can download All novel by clicking the Download Button given below.  Taniia Tahir novels are published in episodic on every month at various platforms furthermore online released. She Write novels about mirage like force marriage and what girl face after the marriage. We have also prepared a forum for reading this novels online. You can download or read online through the links given below.

Self Obsession Novel by Tania Tahir PDF Download

Self Obsession Novel by Tania Tahir is the best novel ever. Tania Tahir novels list is listed bellow. Free download All Tanea Tahir Novels in this page. We are just sharing a link to this book. This important factor is explained by these mature writers who point out them in their stories. Tanea Tahir also writes suspense, Romantic, Social Issue and rude hero based urdu novels.


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