Talbees e Iblees By Allama Ibn ul Jawzi

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Talbees e Iblees

Talbees e Iblees By Allama Ibn ul Jawzi تلبیس ابلیس

Talbees e Iblees, Imam Abd al-Rahman al-Jawzi’s book on the subject, is one of the most important works. Allama Ibn Juzi, one of the most renowned works of God is broken into thirteen chapters that shed light on important topics. The discussion then turns to Satan’s misleading of man.

تلبیس ابلیس

The importance of adhering to the Sunnah and the Book is highlighted in the first chapter. In the second chapter, we will cover the complete description of the heretics as well as the different groups.

Book/Title Talbees e Ibles
Author/Writer Allama Ibn ul Jawzi
Category Book
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