Tair-e-Lahoti Novel By Riffat Siraj

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Tair-e-Lahoti Novel By Riffat Siraj PDF

Riffat Siraj was the writer of the novel Tair-e-Lahoti Novel PDF. It is a romantic and social novel written by Riffat Siraj. The story was first released in the form of a quarterly digest. The story was then it was published as a book. The story was adapted and broadcast by Hum TV, a leading private channel in Pakistan.

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Riffat Siraj, is a well-known female story-writer, novelist, and screenplay writer. In her prolific creative writing profession, she wrote numerous novels and books. She also wrote blockbuster TV plays that received praise from viewers. I hope you will enjoy the book Tair e. Lahoti Novel Pdf and will share it with your contacts.

Overview of Novel:

Riffat Siraj is an extremely well-known name from Pakistan and wrote several books, among Tair-e-Lahoti, which is the most notable book by the author. It’s a romantic and social kind of story. The book was initially available as a monthly digest. Later, when it became popular, the book is printed in the shape of an actual book. The book has almost 7100 pages. It’s true that the book is excessively long but, if you’re in it, it will never make you feel bored because the tale is extremely fascinating.

Tair e lahooti novel part 2

Tair e Lahoti (Ty’ri lhwty) is a well-known social Urdu novel written by female Urdu writer Riffat Siraj. It was previously published in a local month-to-monthly digest and then was released as hardcover books that comprise 600 and 60 pages. Regardless of its size, it will never let you feel tired or bored, due to the fact that the tale is incredibly engaging and captivating.

Tair e lahoti full novel free download

Riffat Siraj is a prominent female Urdu writer who has written some romance and social books. She writes for a variety of local processes and is well-known among Pakistani female summary users. In her writings, she features various segments of the general population including its shortcomings, as well as the impact they have on our daily routines.

Riffat siraj novels

The main story revolves around two people A charming little boy born into a typical middle society Pakistani family called Mahnoor and a well-known lawbreakernamed Minhaaj Hussain.

Tair e lahooti novel part 1

She is unaware of her charm, and he becomes enthralled by her. He has sent several engagement proposals to her home but her parents consistently turned them down due to the fact that he’s known as a crook who is feared. Evidently, nobody wants their bride to be married to an illegal crook.

Tair e lahoti novel last episode

Pasha who has not experienced disappointment in his life started pursuing and provoking Mahnoor. So, she is determined to do everything that she can in order to get rid of Mahnoor. To discover the consequences of his reckless and bent love affair, you ought to read the book.

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Some other characters are also included and enhance the enjoyment. If you enjoy reading the social and illegal aspects of Urdu books it is a great book to read.

Tair e lahooti novel part 3

One of the most well-known names in Urdu writing is Riffat Siraj, who is an exceptional novelist. Siraj has published a variety of novels on the subjects of action, romance, and philosophy of religion and social issues. Most of her work is released in Pakistan’s monthly magazine. In Pakistan, there are many followers who are eager to read her novels.

Tair-e-Lahoti Novel By Riffat Siraj PDF

The plot that is told in this novel is focused on two people: one of whom is Minhaaj Hussain Pasha involved in the field of criminals and another, a beautiful girl called Mahnoor who was a member of an upper-middle class family. However, in the course of destiny, God knows better than the criminal Minhaaj Pasha is in love with the middle-class familial girl Mahnoor. He made numerous marriage proposals to her family however, her parents repeatedly refused to accept his proposal, as girls’ parents are afraid of criminals. In the end, no one wants to get married. The determined Pasha is not one who has ever wanted to fail Then he began making a fuss of Mahnoor. To know more about the outcome of his delusional story, you must go through the novel.

Book/Title Tair-e-Lahoti
Author/Writer Riffat Siraj
Pages 421
Category Novel
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