Tafseer e Madarik Urdu By Allama Nasafi

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Tafseer e Madarik

Tafseer e Madarik Urdu By Allama Nasafi تفسیر مدارک

Nasafi’s commentary of al-Tanzil is a reliable and trustworthy commentary, however, there are some Israeli traditions are included. Tafsir Al-Taawil Puranam Al-Tafsir al-Tanzil as well as Haqiqat al-Tawail can also be referred to as Tafseer e Madarik. The Tafseer is written in Arabic language. The other Tafseer can be described as the definition of the word Allama Mahmood as it is written in Arabic language. This is a well-known interpretation of Hanafi the jurisprudence. Tafsir includes the following aspects.

تفسیر مدارک

Qira’s words about every verse. If you don’t have a basic understanding of Arabic or do not have academic qualifications, you can look up a trustworthy genuine and legitimate Urdu commentary.

Book/Title Tafseer e Madarek Urdu
Author/Writer Allama Nasafi
Pages 3000
Category Book
Part 1 / جلد ایک
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Part 2 / جلد دو
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Part 3 / جلد تین
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