Tableegh e Deen By Imam Ghazali

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Tableegh e Deen

Tableegh e Deen By Imam Ghazali تبلیغ دین

The propagation of religion is mandatory for all Muslim in the extent that is possible, and it is among the most effective ways to practice religion. Tableegh e Deen, It is impossible to last for a second without divine delight, therefore everybody breathes at his own pace in the shade of his own sky of delight.

تبلیغ دین – از امام غزالی

There is nothing to worry about for a person who performs religious activities while doing the other obligations and rights. The obligation of the obligation to invite and talibee falls on each Ummah generally and on scholars of religion in particular.

Book/Title Tablegh e Deen
Author/Writer Imam Ghazali
Category Book
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