Shurooh e Ibn-e-Maja

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Shurooh e Ibn-e-Maja

Shurooh e Ibn-e-Maja عربی شروح ابن ماجہ

The name the Imam Ibn Majah comes last in the Imamate of Hadith. Many hours of research was done with regard to the strength and health of the hadiths, as well as their Takhrej hadiths. Shurooh e Ibn-e-Maja, Muhaddithists believe in the validity of the hadiths from Bukhari and Muslim from the Sahih Seven, however the other four books show that they have authentic hadiths and weak hadiths.

عربی شروح ابن ماجہ

Like many Atma Hadith the Imam Ibn Majah also earned a famous name in the world of Hadith and earned him a lot of admirers.

Book/Title Shurooh e Ibn Maja
Pages 1816
Category Book
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